About Alice

After brilliantly executed impressions of Pavarotti from the age of 2, Alice was shipped off to dance and drama classes from a young age, until finally, she was allowed into the Capital to train as a performer.

After 3 years of “triple threat” training, Alice graduated from Arts Educational School with a degree in Musical Theatre 4 years ago, and since then has been enjoying working in and around London as a Performer, Voice Over Artist, Choreographer and Director.

To be successful in this industry is to realise that opportunities don’t fall into your lap, and also to realise that sometimes you aren’t right for the part and there is an element of luck involved, therefore to make your own success you must make your own business [And sometimes, your own perfect parts!] As a result, Alice has started to write comedy skits, stand up comedy, a Children’s comedy poetry book and also has plans to develop a new musical.

Alice loves nothing more than being stuck in a recording studio all day, with a silly script, and some cartoon-like voices to contend with, but has been known, on occasion, to do “serious” Voice Over Work – And enjoy them too!

Alice has a huge passion as a performer, but perhaps even more so for the artistic side of the stage. She has a gift which allows her to take on the role of Choreographer or Artistic Director, and work closely with a Cast and Creative Team, to ensure that everyones ideas are incorporated, whilst running a professional – and happy – rehearsal room. This love of creating has often meant Alice is approached to teach, and thankfully, she has a huge enjoyment for challenging and stretching individuals to realise their potential, and loves the moment when you finally see the penny drop.

Over the years, Alice’s credits include a vast array of shows, from Fashion Shows, to Musicals.

Take a look at her CV for more information.